I meet after a long absence.

It was changed from the style that a hairstyle had a short to a very short style.
Very cute♪

The second partner.

It was the word that I knew for the first time.
There seemed to be various definitions and styles, but probably knew that this came most nicely.
I told it to her.
She sympathized, too.

I made various talks each other in the evening and heard it.

And I was surprised.

She is that knew the thing suddenly that I is word and others daringly.
In other words, I was troubled and knew hesitation, that I hesitated.

I made light of her.
I minded only an age difference, but she was a mature adult woman.

At the moment when I knew it, my hesitation vanished.

It was you!

I am not at a loss anymore; do not move slightly.

I found it.

The thing which I got was an awful thing.
It was small and was pretty and thought whether it was a poor thing, but it was misunderstanding.
It was big and gave me confidence, and it gave security and gave a dream and gave power.

And it was you!