I canceled the appointment.
The reason for this is just a lie.
Because, her because I wanted a top priority…

I was honestly talk to her.
And, I told her that “I because accomplice Even you!”.
She has answered me with “OK!” With a laugh.

There was apart one day on Monday and Wednesday.

Monday she work was a day off.
Her attire holiday, sheer shirts of bright lemon yellow.
It was well fit coordination in my suit figure.

Wednesday was her also work.
The attire was a very chic with a black jacket.


She is thought that he was me to fit me.

That her attention is nice.

Endless talk of each other on both days.

But, she is his.
That’s why, the relationship that this “second partner” is satisfied.

Pure too relationship might be.
Or too complex relationship?

Just I can say is that it is purely love…